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Throughout Florida, Bud Construction has set the bar for design and build for the cannabis industry.  We are pioneers in the industry, and our intellectual capital runs deep.  Get growing...build with BUD!

We have the knowledge to help you grow,
and we are here to help.

Expert Planning

From the start, we identify your needs to ensure your project is budding for success. Planning properly is of the utmost importance. Our design and construction teams work together seamlessly to allow for strategic and productive execution, creating a facility that exceeds your expectations.

Industry Partnerships

We have built partnerships with the best in the industry in order to offer complete turn-key solutions. We collaborate closely with our partners all have a common goal: continually strive to deliver the best services and products to elevate our clients expectations.

On Site Management

The Florida cannabis industry is booming with unique challenges. At Bud Construction, we are experienced in the construction industry and have a track record for successfully managing cannabis build projects.

Why choose Us?

We will partner with you in creating the ideal conditions for your cannabis crops to be plentiful and of superior quality.

✓ Pre-project Planning

✓ Pre-construction Services

✓ Quality Control

✓ Value Engineering and Project Phasing

✓ Industry Partnerships 

✓ Complete Turnkey Solutions

✓ Safety

✓ Warranties and Maintenance

Growing the Cannabis Industry

Bud Construction knows the importance of “fitting all the pieces together” to ensure success.
And, we always deliver what’s promised on time.

Turnkey Projects

We deliver a turnkey project that meets each client’s unique needs. We
take care of all the details: identifying needs, coordinating the bid analysis, permitting, construction
management and project scheduling.

Processing Facilities

We focus on the need for sterility, timeliness and strictly adhere to all of the ISO regulations. We’ll design specific rooms for each stage of the growing process. We then provide the mechanical components that will help control the airflow, pressure, temperature and filtration.

Environmentally Focused

We pay close attention to the build location and do a complete analysis of the climate variables. We can then determine the equipment needed that will provide optimum results for the environment, as well as save you money on your facilities operating costs.

Bud Construction

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We help you GROW...ANYWHERE!

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Build with Bud!

Build with BUD!

About BUD Construction

Bud Construction is getting its name in the cannabis industry as a general contractor specializing in a turnkey product for all types of cannabis facilities. Projects include indoor cultivation centers, extraction rooms, labs, and greenhouses. In 2016, we were introduced to a client who needed assistance redesigning and building out an old mattress factory to turn it into a profitable grow facility. After completing Phase 1 of construction, our client asked us create a proposal for additional phases, which we since have been awarded.

From just one visit to the grow facility and hearing about experiences with contractors, the need for a more innovative, professional approach to cannabis facility construction was obvious. We quickly got to work and assembled a specialized team of construction professionals to service this budding industry. Bud Construction was created! We specialize in the grow side of the cannabis industry. We understand the building science behind it all which includes the building envelope, process flow, HVAC, insulation and lighting.

Factors such as number of plants per square foot, plant height at harvest, different types of lighting, and irrigation methods must be considered when designing a grow facility. Plants move through a production process and different spaces are required to properly accommodate them for optimal growth. Many factors go into designing and building a space that will provide the proper conditions to optimize productivity and produce the highest plant yield, which will produce the highest profits. We are a team that you can depend on and have the experience and knowledge to design and build your grow complex. Build with BUD!



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